Presentation of the book “Vittoria Colonna – Carteggio”

Vittoria Colonna Carteggio

Vittoria Colonna, the poetess who was Michelangelo’s friend and inspiration in his mature years, did not conceive of her letters as literary works, to be selected, corrected and published. Yet her correspondence – which responds to different instances, to which correspond different tones, styles and languages: brief family communications, pages of administrative or political management, literary praise, veritable spiritual treatises, reviews to works by Bembo and Castiglione – constitutes a must for anyone wishing to approach her rhymes and prose. It also contains essential information for reconstructing the crucial political, religious and literary events of those years, of which it offers the personal and authoritative reading of those who participated firsthand.

This new edition edited by Veronica Copello, which includes the letters of the correspondents, is accompanied by an extensive historical commentary that, together with the Appendices, aims to fill some of the documentary gaps in the correspondence.

The volume will be presented on January 17, 2024 at Casa Buonarroti, a place linked not only to the memory of Michelangelo but Vittoria Colonna herself, as it holds some of her autograph letters.