Associazione Nazionale Case della Memoria

The Casa Buonarroti has joined the Associazione Nazionale Case della Memoria, a network of 90 house museums located in 13 Italian regions.

«The entry of the Casa Buonarroti into our network is a very precious piece that symbolically closes the circle on the figure of Michelangelo, joining the Casa natale in Caprese Michelangelo, our member since a few years – comments Adriano Rigoli, President of the Association -. We are happy to represent, in our own way, this enormous figure of art to which Tuscany gave birth through two house museums that tell a lesser known part of the story of Buonarroti».

«I am particularly pleased – says the President of the Fondazione Casa Buonarroti Cristina Acidini – that the Casa Buonarroti has joined this prestigious association, which from one end of our country to the other makes known and enhances the homes of the many illustrious figures who have so greatly enriched the history and culture not only of Italy, but of the world. The Director Alessandro Cecchi, together with the Board Members and the entire staff, are united in their satisfaction and commitment to represent the unique and precious legacy of Michelangelo and the Buonarroti family».